At Her Place with Sharae

I’m kicking off these new web stories with my very first At Her Place shoot with Sharae.

It was 2015 and I remember feeling creatively boxed-in with my studio work. I was obsessing over lighting, makeup and editing – striving to master every detail and technique. While I was busy chasing perfection, I began to feel that there was something missing in my work. It all felt a bit sterile, tbh.

I had worked with Sharae in the studio a few months prior and loved her energy and creative generosity. I said I wanted to get out of my head and switch things up. So we shot “at her place”. I had never seen where Sharae lived so I couldn’t plan or prepare. I had to let go of all the control that was driving my work creatively. I allowed myself only one light and one reflector for the shoot (a practice I still live by today). The mantra is “embrace the imperfections”.

If studio work is like conducting an orchestra, At Her Place is like jazz. It’s improvisational and full of unexpected delights, stubbed toes (literally and figuratively) and free-flowing collaboration. What I didn’t expect was how shooting in a model’s home fosters a kind of visual storytelling that was never possible possible in a studio.

I hope you enjoy viewing these stories as much as I enjoy telling them.

Model Instagram: @tuscanylee

NOTE: Images from this series were first published in Volo Magazine – Issue #25